The Travel Scribes

The primary goal of this campaign was to enhance the brand’s online presence, engage with the target audience, and drive traffic to their website. This case study highlights the strategies employed to achieve these objectives, including Pinterest account management, post scheduling, pin design, SEO keyword research, and blog posting.


Best Quotes & Captions

“Best Quotes and Captions” aimed to establish a strong presence on Pinterest, leverage its vast user base, and position itself as a trusted source for inspirational quotes and captivating captions.


Dream Big, Travel Far

This case study showcases the expertise in pin scheduling, design, and account optimization, which contributed to the success of the Pinterest account. The aim was to enhance the client’s online presence and engagement of the brand, ultimately driving increased traffic and conversions.



This case study highlights the successful management of the “FryAway” various digital marketing strategies employed to optimize their brand performance. The client, FryAway, sought to enhance their online visibility, increase website traffic, and improve customer engagement. This case study outlines the strategies implemented, including SEO, on-page optimization, keyword research and strategy, email marketing, and Facebook, Google, and TikTok advertising.



“Trivia Quiz Night,” is a popular online platform offering engaging and interactive trivia quizzes. This case study delves into the strategies implemented, including on-page optimization, keyword research for blogs, and comprehensive Pinterest management, all aimed at achieving the client’s goals.