Marketing Strategy


They sought assistance to enhance their online visibility, increase website traffic, and improve customer engagement. This case study outlines the strategies implemented, including SEO, on-page optimization, keyword research and strategy, email marketing, and Facebook and TikTok advertising.

FryAway is an e-commerce store that has developed a revolutionary oil solidifier product. This unique solution solidifies used cooking oil, making it easier to dispose of and reducing environmental waste. FryAway aims to position itself as an industry leader, offering a high-quality and eco-friendly alternative to traditional oil disposal methods.

Strategies Implemented:

SEO – On-Page Optimization: Implemented on-page optimization techniques to enhance FryAway’s online visibility. Meta tags, titles, and descriptions were optimized with relevant keywords related to oil solidification and eco-friendly disposal methods. This aimed to improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to FryAway’s website.

Keyword Research and Strategy: Conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant search terms regarding oil solidification, waste disposal, and environmentally friendly practices. This research informed content creation, ensuring valuable information on FryAway’s website and Pinterest account to target potential customers seeking oil waste management solutions.

Email Marketing: Developed an email marketing campaign to educate and engage potential customers. Emphasized the benefits of FryAway’s oil solidifier, provided waste reduction tips, and addressed common concerns about used cooking oil disposal. This positioned FryAway as an industry expert, fostering customer trust and engagement.

Facebook and TikTok Ads: Launched targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and TikTok to increase brand awareness and reach a broader audience. Ad creatives highlighted the unique features and benefits of FryAway’s oil solidifier, emphasizing its convenience, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. The goal was to differentiate FryAway from competitors and drive potential customers to the website for further engagement.


Established Brand Differentiation: By focusing on unique selling points and effectively communicating the benefits of FryAway’s oil solidifier, the brand successfully differentiated itself from the competing product. Customers recognized FryAway as the original and trusted provider of innovative oil solidification solution.

Increased Brand Awareness: Through a combination of SEO optimization, keyword research, and targeted advertising campaigns, FryAway experienced a significant increase in brand awareness. The strategic placement of ads on Facebook and TikTok, along with improved search engine visibility, generated higher visibility and exposure for FryAway within the target market.

Educated Customer Base: The email marketing campaign played a vital role in educating potential customers about the benefits and usage of FryAway’s oil solidifier. By providing valuable content and addressing common concerns, the campaign enhanced customer understanding and generated interest in the product.

Through the implementation of SEO, keyword research, email marketing, and Facebook and TikTok advertising, the management of FryAway’s Pinterest account successfully