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Our lovely couple from the UK is set to satisfy their wanderlust and tell a story through their blog.

They reached out to us for assistance in searching keywords for their articles and managing their Pinterest account to increase site traffic.


Bruvato wanted to complement our cheerful wandering couples with vibrant pins that would emphasize their travel.

We decided to create a unique and sophisticated layout of their pins, to match their personality, and style. Our aim was to create a truly personal and original experience for each of their blogs, by creating an atmosphere that would be more than just a backdrop for their photos.


Helping The Travel Scribes redesign their pins for their Pinterest post was nothing but pure joy. We’ve created multiple designs that would accentuate their writing while being playful with the colors to embody the excitement they had while traveling.



Join the Journey

Working with these two was a pleasure.

Join them in their travels while they explore the world. Check out