SEO & Pinterest Management

The Travel Scribes

The primary goal was to enhance the brand’s online presence, engage with the target audience, and drive traffic to their website.

The Travel Scribes is a highly regarded travel brand that provides captivating and informative content, catering to the wanderlust of travel enthusiasts. Their website offers a wealth of articles, destination guides, and practical travel tips, making it a sought-after resource for adventurers. Seeking to expand their online presence, reach a wider audience, and establish their authority in the travel industry, the client aimed to leverage Pinterest, a popular visual discovery platform.

Project Objectives:

Pinterest Account Management: This included regular monitoring, account optimization, and community engagement. We ensured that the account performed optimally by implementing best practices and staying updated with the latest Pinterest trends.

Post Design and Scheduling: To maintain a consistent presence on Pinterest, we designed visually appealing imagery paired with a strategic posting schedule. We carefully selected the most opportune times to publish pins, considering the target audience’s behavior and peak engagement periods which maximized the visibility of The Travel Scribes’ content and increased the likelihood of user interactions by up to 40%

SEO Keyword Research: To enhance the discoverability of The Travel Scribes’ content, extensive SEO keyword research was conducted. We identified relevant keywords and phrases that align with the target audience’s search intent. These keywords were used to publish blogs, and were also incorporated into pin descriptions, titles, and board descriptions to improve search rankings and drive organic traffic.


The integrated approach of providing SEO services and Pinterest account management yielded impressive results for The Travel Scribes.

Increased Online Visibility: The optimized website content and SEO strategies improved the client’s search engine visibility, leading to increased organic traffic. The client’s website appeared in top search results, enhancing their online presence and brand visibility.

Expanded Audience Reach: Effective Pinterest account management, including scheduling posts and designing appealing pins, attracted a broader audience to The Travel Scribes. The captivating visuals and optimized pin descriptions enticed users to engage with the brand, leading to increased brand reach and visibility on the platform.

Boost in Website Traffic: The combined efforts of SEO services and Pinterest account management resulted in a significant boost in website traffic. The optimized website content and increased Pinterest engagement drove targeted traffic to the client’s website, increasing the readership of blog articles and travel guides.

By integrating SEO services with effective Pinterest account management, The Travel Scribes successfully enhanced their online presence, attracted a wider audience, and established themselves as an authority in the travel industry. The implementation of SEO strategies increased organic traffic and search engine visibility, while strategic Pinterest account management increased brand reach and drove targeted traffic to the client’s website. This comprehensive approach proved highly effective in achieving the client’s goals and ensuring their continued success in the competitive travel market.